ROOTS IN EGO / Roots in Ego

ROOTS IN EGO / Roots in Ego

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A short, independent movie, set in one of Prague’s dodgiest suburbs. Describes one day in the lives of two sisters and their friends, full of drugs and electronic music. For that reason, this film might be a perfect pick for Saturday Night. Teamed up with a DJ, we will provide you with a unique movie night/party experience you will not forget.

Zizkov may seem a grey neighbourhood at first, but the Television Tower in its centre is like a rocket that will catapult you right into space. This is exactly the kind of trip our group of friends likes to take; they never lack the fuel, the appetite or the well-tuned rhythm in their hearts. Each of them is in a different life situation, but they have one thing in common: they consciously live lives that reflect an unyielding desire to never become docile servants of the ‘system’. Their relationships become more entangled and through a bizarre series of events everything heads towards a brief enlightenment, but also to a cruel climax.

The film is a playful follow up of British films about the dancing generation. It draws the viewers into a swirl of parties, drugs and feelings of infinite freedom as well as the loss of innocence, loneliness and paranoia. Good and evil appear as mere concepts that acquire substance through the small everyday deeds.

Czech Republic

2016, 102 min.
Category: Drama
Age: over 15


About the director

Kristina Weiserová, a.k.a. „113kW“, is a young author who has been active in film and television since 2005. She has worked as an extra, a slate, a scriptwriter, rising all the way to the second assistant director. She has studied journalism, history and the theory of theater and film, and she is presenting a narrative from a social environment that she has used in some of her previous audiovisual works. For quite a few years, she had also worked as a party VJ.

She wrote her own script and produced and directed and distributed an indie movie

She runs her own documentary project

She was a part of the video-online history of a music subculture – This independent project from 2007 was distributed in Aero and Světozor cinemas and on dvds.

She works with her father, doc. Mgr. Antonín Weiser, who is Czech VFX specialist and co-inventor of special easy-to-use green screen Artebox, as an assistant on projects and she also helps him with specialized lectures.

About the film

Director: Kristina Weiserova

Cast: Eva Kavanová, Radovan Klucka, Jaromír Nosek, Stepánka Pencová, Josef Rarach

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