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Toman is a historical drama about the controversial person Zdenek Toman who, whilst a dirty politician and a dubious entrepreneur, was also the saviour of hundreds of Eastern European Jews – known occasionally as The Czech Schindler. The film takes place in Czechoslovakia, after the conclusion of World War ll.

The film follows this unscrupulous careerist as he works his way up from a low-level bureaucrat in the Czech government-in-exile during World War II, to the head of Foreign Intelligence in Czechoslovakia. In this position he blackmails, intimidates, and levies false accusations, in order to strengthen the communist presence in the bureau. Toman also exploits his diplomatic passport and international contacts to fraudulently raise money for him and The Communist Party.

This fascinating biopic is directed by Ondrej Trojan, the director of film Zelary, an Oscar nominee for Best Foreign Film (2014). Jiri Machacek, widely acknowledged for his comedic roles, delivers a standout performance as Toman.

Toman, the real-life contrary person, significantly influenced political developments in Czechoslovakia between the years 1945 – 48, during so-called Third Republic, which led to the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia seizing power by way of a political coup. Toman is an attempt at a precise historical reconstruction, providing viewers a window into history and allowing them to understand its meaning and consequences for the present.

About the Director

Ondřej Trojan (December 31, 1959) is a Czech film producer, actor and film director. Two of the films he produced were nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film: Divided We Fall and Želary, which he also directed. His brother,  Ivan Trojan, is an exceptional Czech actor.

Czech Republic / Slovakia



2018, 145 min
Category: Biography – Drama – History

Luna Leederville |  Sunday | 24 NOV | 5:30 PM

Rating: 15+


About the Film


Ondřej Trojan


Zdeňka Šimandlová, Ondřej Trojan


Jiří Macháček, Kateřina Winterová, Kristýna Boková, Stanislav Majer, Marek Taclík, Roman Luknár, Lukáš Latinák, Táňa Pauhofová, Lukáš Melník, Jaromír Dulava, Jiří Dvořák, Martin Finger, Aleš Procházka, Monika Žáková, Radek Holub, Ondřej Malý, Matěj Ruppert, Jaroslav Plesl, Marián Mitaš, Miroslav Táborský, Ady Hajdu, Václav Neužil…