Havel / Havel


Havel is a Czech historical film based on the life of a dissident and a former Czech president Václav Havel. The film begins in the heady atmosphere of summer ’68. In Havel’s Prague, politics are as exciting as theatre, sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. Havel is a comfortable and acclaimed playwright who is avoiding political conflicts and tries to carry out his romantic escapades without undermining his marriage to his beloved Olga.

All of that comes to an abrupt end when armies of The Warsaw Pact invade Czechoslovakia. The fall is rapid and the now-banned author flies to his cottage in the countryside where his suppressed creativity leads to the slow degeneration of his spirit and his relationship with Olga.

After accepting a job as a labourer in a brewery, he forms a network of co-minded artists and he starts writing and directing plays again. Havel openly criticizes the suppressive regime which then uses various methods to break him. The storyline then follows Havel through his two imprisonments which have an enormous impact on his personality. The first one breaks him and the second one empowers him even though he pays for the resistance with deteriorating health.

The film portrays a story of an easy-minded man who had to dramatically change and who was made to fight for his own life and beliefs to become a statesman and a hero of Czechoslovakia.

About the Director

Czech Republic / Slovakia



2020, 105 min
Category: Biography – Drama – History

Luna Leederville |  Sunday | 22 NOV | 5:45 PM

Rating: 15+


About the Film


Slávek Horák


Slávek Horák, Rudolf Suchánek


Viktor Dvořák, Aňa Geislerová, Martin Hofmann, Stanislav Majer, Barbora Seidlová, Jiří Bartoška, Adrian Jastraban, Pavel Reh, Ján Bavala, Michal Isteník, Jiří Wohanka