The Magic Quill / Čertí brko


The Magic Quill is an extraordinary family movie that combines the traditional themes of a classic Czech fairy tale with sharp political satire.
The story takes us to the town of Pytlov where the local craftsmen and peasants live their lives, under the watchful eye of the local Hell office. The righteous Hell records sins fairly and accurately with the Devil’s Magic Quill. However, one day the Quill stops working. So, Lucifer sends a young devil Bonifac, who is a clumsy inventor rather than an ambitious devil, to deliver a new one. However, soon after he arrives, Bonifac is robbed of the new quill, triggering a chain of events leading to the town being taken over by corrupt councillors and a sly lazy tailor and eventually to the imprisonment of the lord of the Hell. It is at this moment that Bonifac has to step up, find the best qualities in himself and put things back in order, to eventually gain the love of a beautiful woman, Marketa.
The Magic Quill is a perfect choice for the entire family with lots of allusions and lessons for everyone. Because when sins are not seen, when evil is not punished, when the chaos reigns, only love can endure.

About the Director

Marek Najbrt (November 27, 1969 in Prague, Czechoslovakia) is an award-winning director and writer, known for Protektor (2009), Mistři (2004) and Polski film (2012). He is also behind the social-satiric project Kancelář Blaník, which responds and caricatures actual political and social situation in the Czech Republic.

Czech Republic / Slovakia


2018, 99 min
Category: Comedy — Family — Fantasy

Luna Leederville | Saturday | 23 NOV | 4:30 PM

Rating: all ages


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About the Film


Marek Najbrt


Robert Geisler, Tomáš Hodan


Ondřej Vetchý, Jan Cina, Judit Bárdos, Jan Budař, Marek Daniel, Jana Plodková, Václav Kopta, Tomáš Jeřábek, Marián Geišberg, Jakub Žáček, Michal Dalecký, Lukáš Latinák, Petr Vančura, Josef Polášek, Daniel Fischer, Robert Mikluš, Jiří Maryško