The Lady Terrorist / Teroristka


The black comedy The Lady Terrorist is about Marie (played by the unforgettable Iva Janžurová), a retired teacher, who had taught her pupils that decency was essential and violence did not solve problems. However, with the borders of arrogance and rudeness shifting dramatically in recent years, criminals have come to dominate society, counting on the blind acceptance and lack of resistance of the ordinary people, she reaches to her breaking point. From that moment, she can no longer tolerate those circumstances and does not hesitate to break her ethical boundaries, in order to restore justice.

Marie, a loving friend and a grandmother, is living an ordinary life in a small village, until her municipality fails her and the whole community. Corruption does not pick a place by itself, there is always someone who pulls the strings. In this case, it is a local businessman, Mr Mach, her former pupil (starred by brilliant Martin Hofmann) who teases and blackmails the villagers, while bribing the council. Marie cannot withstand the injustice and decides to take matters into her own hands, supported by another of her ex-pupils, currently on parole. “Retired teachers don’t shoot people,” the crook says. “Right. But now, no one will ever be so sure about that,” Marie replies, unlocking the weapon…

Come and enjoy this juicy black comedy which takes a humorous look at serious social issues.


About the Director

Radek Bajgar (September 19, 1962, Czechoslovakia) is a man of many faces and skills – a former doctor, writer, producer, former editor-in-chief and director known for Teorie tygra (2016), Expozitura (2008) and Neviditelní (2014).

Czech Republic

2019, 95 min
Category: Comedy — Crime — Drama

Luna Leederville ​|  Friday | 22 NOV | 6:30 PM

Rating: 15+


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About the Film


Radek Bajgar


Radek Bajgar


Iva Janžurová, Martin Hofmann, Tatiana Vilhelmová, Pavel Liška, Eva Holubová, Jana Plodková, Kristína Svarinská, Jaromír Dulava, Jan Vondráček, Vasil Fridrich, …