Amnesty / Amnestie


The film Amnesty is inspired by true events of the 1989 Czechoslovak Velvet Revolution and Václav Havel’s controversial release of 23,000 prisoners. The film does not celebrate nor criticize the revolution, Václav Havel or the amnesty but it brings on the spotlight the complexity of the whole transformation and the chaos of those days.

This dramatic story of three families takes place during the major social changes brought about by the collapse of communism and the creation of democratic Czechoslovakia. Their fates are linked by the newly elected president Havel’s general pardon, which was supposed to give people a new chance and the violent rebellion in Leopoldov, a top security prison in Slovakia. The dynamics of the film is supported by the depth of its characters who have different perspectives on freedom, communism and the Secret Police.

Despite the fact that the newly gained freedom was exciting and heady, the weight of ubiquitous chaos and the aftermaths of then decisions were often unpleasant. Come to see a critically acclaimed film in an outdoor cinema in Sunken Gardens, UWA.

This is “The Night of The Festival” event, a 2020 alternative of the Opening Night, so come and enjoy the festive atmosphere, free drinks and amazing Czech/Slovak stylish finger food, accompanied with a great film and unique music performance after the screening.

Abit Bitter - music performance

The music project ‘A Bit Bitter’ is presenting the performance session ‘Music Symposium: Viva Natura’. 

Allow your senses to openly experience improvisation through live music and visual projections of nature and it’s movements. 

  The touch of each music instrument connects together and creates sounds influenced by what is on the screen, this is the experimental part of the performance.

   As well as playing some prearranged pieces which talk through the limitless bounds of the trans-universal language of music. We are honoured to say that this is the first performance of its kind by ‘A Bit Bitter’ in Western Australia. Come and experience it on your own skin.

Jirka (George)- Drums
Ales- Bass Guitar
Sammy- Keys, Guitar
Bohdan-Didgeridoo, Percussion, Jaw Harps
Siobhan-Sound Engineer 

‘A Bit Bitter’-Is a music project created by Bohdan Prachar in North Italy approximately four years ago. It resonates with the ways of how to feel non-limited in improvisation and experimental music and creating friendships with it.

Slovakia / Czech Republic


2018, 130 min
Category: Drama – Thriller

The Sunken Garden, UWA |  Friday | 20 NOV | 6:00 PM

Rating: 15+


Please note: tickets to the Backlot Studios can be purchased online only. Please book your tickets early as the seating is limited.

About the Film


Jonáš Karásek


Maroš Hečko, Beata Grünmannová, Marek Janičík


Juraj Bača, Natalia Germani, Marek Vašut, Aňa Geislerová, Marek Majeský, Gregor Hološka, Ján Jackuliak, Jana Oľhová, Martin Stránský, Vlado Zboroň, Richard Felix, Roman Luknár, Erik Ollé, Sáva Popovič, Marek Fučík