On the Roof / Na střeše


A hearth warming comedy movie, describing a bond between two completely different strangers. It features an elderly, grumpy Czech professor Mr Rypar (played by the exceptional Alois Švehlík) and his young Vietnamese counterpart named Song, who is on the run from a marijuana grow house where he has been living illegally, as a modern slave. The two are brought together by sheer coincidence and this incredible movie follows the journey of their developing friendship.
The two protagonists have neither friends nor family and are in need of that sense of belonging which can bring together even the most disparate characters. Their journey leads them into a series of tragicomic situations, surprising revelations, as well as hilarious moments.
‘On the Roof’ takes place in Prague, but the story could easily happen in any city in the world that attracts immigrants and that is big enough to shelter the kinds of stories we never get to know. Under each roof is a little world, where the rules are determined by its inhabitants.
On the Roof was screened at the 54th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival where it was favourably reviewed by movie goers. It was lovingly described as a movie showing, with gracious humour, what is possible if we open our hearts to people with different ethnic or ideological backgrounds from our own.

About the Director

Jiri Madl (October 23, 1986) is an award winning script writer and director. In 2009, he graduated from the University of J. A. Comenius where he studied Social and Mass Communication and subsequently graduated in screenwriting at the New York Film Academy. Jiri’s directorial debut, premièred in April 2014 has got 5 nominations and 1 award at the Czech Film Critics Award 2014. Other awards from SOUEL YIFF, MONTREAL ICFF, VOICES European Film Festival, MOTOVUN IFF, IFF ZLIN and many more.

Czech Republic, Slovakia


2019, 95 min

Category: Drama — Comedy

Luna Leederville

Perth |  Thursday | 21 NOV | 6:00 PM

Rating: 15+


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About the Film


Jiří Mádl


Jiří Mádl



Alois Švehlík, Duy Anh Tran, Mary Bartalos, Vojtěch Dyk, Adrian Jastraban, David Švehlík, Radek Zima, Miroslav Táborský, Martin Sitta, Denisa Pfauserová, Veronika Lazorčáková, Mariana Kopecká, Anh Phu Nguyen, Igor Rattaj, …