Loli Paradicka / Loli paradička


Loli paradicka, a bitter-sweet romantic comedy written by well-known Slovakian father-son duo Víťo and Richard Staviarsky, is their first feature-length movie about a complicated love affair between a handicapped man and a Romany woman.

Milan, an amputee fairground salesman, discovers that Veronika, a Romany girl, has stolen one of his caramel cakes because she was hungry. He takes pity on her and decides to buy her lunch. In return, Veronika offers him her services as a sales assistant in order to pay off her debt. The spark generated between the two leads to a tremendous night and they instantly fall for each other and start making plans for a future together. Veronika does not mind that Milan has only one leg and Milan does not mind that Veronika is a gypsy… Would Society accept their unconventional relationship? Could such a relationship work?

The story touches upon current topics of discrimination and racism and offers an unusual take on Romany-Slovak relationship stories, that more often focus on serious aspects of the lives and cultural clashes between the divided communities. Loli Paradicka won the Audience Award after its premiere at the 2019 Kosice Art Film Fest and became
a box office hit.

This greatly reviewed film is also unique in the language used – dialogues are presented with a strong Eastern Slovak dialect. This film is definitely not one to be missed!

About the Director

Víťo Staviarsky (October 22, 1960, former Czechoslovakia)

Award-wining novelist and writer. Lives in Slovakia.



2019, 86 min
Category: Drama – Comedy

Luna Leederville |  Saturday | 23 NOV | 6:30 PM

Rating: 15+


About the Film


Richard Staviarsky, Víťo Staviarsky


Richard Staviarsky, Víťo Staviarsky


Michal Iľkanin, Kamila Mitrášová, Michal Soltész, Kveta Stražanová, Fedor Vico, Dominik Doktor, Peter Kudráč, Vasiľ Rusiňák, Richard Staviarsky