Spider, The Climber of the Century – Pavúk, Horolezec storočia


A portrait of the controversial personality of Slovak mountaineer Pavel Pochylý (1945 – 2000), nicknamed “Spider”. He followed the credo that “The impossible is just one of the options”.

His life story is still breathtaking. Pavel lived in the golden age of mountaineering and he solved all the most important challenges of the steep Tatra walls, thus indelibly inscribed in the history of Slovak mountaineering. Spider conquered every wall with the most difficult climbing ascent. The only problem, however, was himself. Although myths and legends are circulating about Pavel, despite his fame and recognition, he also had a number of enemies due to his uncompromising nature.

The documentary depicts the contradiction of the life story of a talented climber, an eternal rebel, a problematic preacher, a great thief, an unsuccessful emigrant, a prisoner, a recidivist but, above all, a man with a passion for the mountains in his heart. He was in memoriam unequivocally elected Slovak climber of the century.

The film is not only about mountaineering and love for the mountains but also about love for people, philosophy of life, morality, willpower, selfishness and altruism. The stunning story of a talented climber’s life is interwoven with beautiful shots of the mountains spiced with many quotes for reflection. The director managed to get the viewer to think and re-evaluate life attitudes, just as you do when staying in an alpine environment.



2018, 82 min
Category: Documentary – Biography

The Backlot Perth | Thursday | 18 NOV | 6:30 PM

Rating: all ages


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About the Film


Ľubomír Ján Slivka


Ľubomír Ján Slivka


Alexander Buzinkay, Ján Ďurana, Eugen Gindl, Katarína Gromová, Rudolf Hajdúčik, Pavol Jackovič, Jozef Krištoffy, Michal Samovčík, Mikuláš Huba