Czech and Slovak Film Festival WA


Citizen Havel

14 November

6:30 pm

A remarkably open and intimate documentary film, Citizen Havel, observe ten years of the political, public and private life of one of the world’s iconic leaders – Vaclav Havel. Through the background of his story we can follow the development of a young democracy in The Czech Republic.


On the Roof


21 November

6:00 pm

A hearth warming comedy movie, describing a developing bond between two strangers who would never have met unless a coincidence put them together and changed their lives. The story uncover various tragicomic situations, surprising revelations, as well as hilarious moments.

The Lady Terrorist

22 November

6:30 pm

The Lady Terrorist is a Czech black comedy based on disillusionment with the establishment. Marie, a retired teacher who had taught her pupils that decency was essential and violence did not solve problems, takes the law into her own hands.

The Magic Quill

23 November

4:30 pm

Because when sins are not seen, when evil is not punished, when the chaos reigns, only love can endure. The Magic Quill is an extraordinary family movie that combines a classic Czech fairy tale with sharp political satire.

Loli Paradicka

23 November

6:30 pm

Loli paradicka, a bitter-sweet romantic comedy about a complicated love affair between a handicapped man and a Romany woman. The story touches upon current topics of discrimination and racism with humour and ease and offers an unusual insight on Romany – Slovak relationship.



24 November

5:30 pm

Toman, a historical drama about one controversial character, fighting for his personal prospects in Czechoslovakia after the Second World War, not knowing how considerably his actions will influence The Czech Republic 70 years later.