Intimate Enemy / Dôverný nepriateľ


Karel Janak’s film balances on the edge of science-fiction and a love thriller, where he expresses his concerns regarding the danger of the over usage of technologies in our lives.
Zuzana’s (Gabriela Marcinkova) and Andrej’s (Vojtech Dyk) relationship is threatened by the lack of time they spend together. To save it, they move into the luxurious prototype, where a special software addition has been installed – a small programme which is made to order especially for Zuzana. However, this is where it begins to be scary and horrifying. Alfred (a name of the software) gradually and mysteriously takes control over the house and Zuzana’s life. The designed fairy-tale becomes a nightmare.
This movie focuses less on ones fear of technology but more on the loneliness of people’s lives because of the technology. Our main characters are moved from the known and a secure environment in the city, to the loneliness of a place in the cold Tatra Mountains in Slovakia. By combining the beauty of the Slovak wilderness with their vulnerability and isolation, and together with a robotic Czech voice following their every step, we gain a sense of the potent mixture which gives goose bumps to all.

About the Director

Karel Janák (born 24 September 1970) is a Czech director. His 2004 film Snowboarďáci was recognised at the 2004 Czech Lion Awards as the most visited film of the year.

Slovakia / Czech Republic

 2018, 108 min
Category: Mystery | Sci-Fi | Thriller

Luna Leederville |  Saturday | 24 NOV | 6:30 PM

Rating: 15+


About the Film


Karel Janák


Ľubomír Slivka, Karel Janák


Gabriela Marcinková, Vojtěch Dyk, Zuzana Porubjaková, Ondřej Malý, Ady Hajdu, Roman Luknár, Pavel Rímský, Romana Goščíková

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