Czech and Slovak Film Festival WA

Films 2018

Larks on a String

21 November

6:30 pm

A delightfully stinging comedy which was previously banned in Czechoslovakia and re-released after the Velvet Revolution. Examines the life of a group of so called bourgeois in the 1950s, who have been forced to work in a junk yard for the purposes of re-education. A not-to-be-missed classic!

The Hastrman


22 November

6:00 pm

A visually compelling adaptation of Milos Urban’s awarded novel about Hastrman – a water spirit. In this romantic, fantastical, yet ironic story, love brings Hastrman unexpected happiness with an agonizing dilemma: whether to remain a wild creature or to cross the boundaries and become a human….

Bear with us

23 November

6:30 pm

One country cottage, one fragmented family and one last opportunity to catch a blink of old memories. A comedy based around an intriguing series of events that eventually bring a family back together.

The Oddsockeaters

24 November

2:30 pm

A humorous adventure based on the lives of the creatures we all know deeply – the oddsockeaters. Have you ever wondered where your second sock disappeared to? Come and enjoy this heart warming fairytale and find out! Animated feature movie for the whole family.

Intimate Enemy

24 November

6:30 pm

Living in a bespoke intelligent house may sound like a dream, unless an intruder infiltrates the software and turns your life into a nightmare! A movie about how priorities change when someone steps into your idyllic and perfect life and turns it into an elementary struggle for survival..

Jan Palach


25 November

6:00 pm

Breathtaking, well-made thriller describing the last six months of the life of Czech student Jan Palach who protested against the Soviet occupation and paid the ultimate price. Jan Palach wanted to study history, but instead, he became a part of the history.

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