ROOTS IN EGO / Roots in Ego


ROOTS IN EGO / Where does evil come from? 35minutes long independent drama/comedy movie. It is distributed alongside party with electronic music, which you can hear in the movie. On 21 October from 19 at Fly By Night Musicians Club, 179 High street, Fremantle 6160, you may hear DJ BEBBOSS playing after the screening! Come and watch a story about a group of friends, full of electronic beats, drugs, and philosophy ūüėČ

ŇĹiŇĺkov (Prague 3) may seem a grey neighborhood at Ô¨Ārst, but the Television Tower in its center is like a rocket that will catapult you right into space. This is exactly the kind of trip our group of friends likes to take: they never lack the fuel, the appetite or the well-tuned rhythm in their hearts. Each of them is in a diÔ¨Äerent life situation, but they have one thing in common: they reject to be docile servants of the system, they want to seek something deeper and want to have fun all the while. Their relationships become more entangled and through a bizarre series of events, everything heads towards a kind of brief enlightenment, but also to a cruel climax…

The author was inspired by quotations from Perspectives II by her favorite British philosopher Paul Brunton.¬† The title, ‚ÄěRoots in Ego‚Äú is borrowed from a chapter where evil is thought to have its source in the hurt ego of man. The Ô¨Ālm is a playful follow up of British films about the dance generation. It draws the viewers into a swirl of parties, drugs, and feelings of inÔ¨Ānite freedom… and also of the loss of innocence, loneliness, and paranoia.¬† Good and evil appear as mere concepts that acquire substance through the small everyday deeds.

ROOTS IN EGO is a short, low budget Ô¨Ālm and a dream-come-true project of the director Kristina Weiserov√° (113kw). It became possible thanks to the combined eÔ¨Äorts of some professionals and enthusiasts. A mosaic of stories set in the alternative dance culture relies on the original Czech music and authentic casting.

The main characters of the story showcase Eva Kavanov√° as Natalie, a young and naive pole dancer, ҆tńõp√°nka Pencov√° as her older sister Karol√≠na, Radovan Kluńćka as DJ Lubosh Roll, Jarom√≠r Nosek as Oskar, the organizer of the unproÔ¨Ātable underground parties, Michal Dudek as Martin Princ, who believes himself to be a really cool kind of guy, and DJ Kanjacca as DJ-ane. The original soundtrack was made by the renowned Varhan Orchestrovich Bauer, with some tracks Keygen Kaotic, Dave.LXR, Mikkim, Merak, DJ Loutka, or Messenjah and Cocojammin and much more.

Czech Republic

2017, 102 min.
Category: Drama
Rating: 18 +

FLY BY NIGHT CLUB | 21 OCT 2017 | 7:00 PM

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About the director

Kristina Weiserov√°, a.k.a. ‚Äě113kW‚Äú, is a young author working in film and television since 2005. She has studied journalism, history and the theory of theater and film. She had also worked with her father, Anton√≠n Weiser, who is Czech VFX specialist and co-inventor of special easy-to-use green screen Artebox, as an assistant on projects and she also helps him with specialized lectures. For quite a few years, she had also worked as a party VJ. Find out more about her at

About the DJ

DJ BBoss was born in Latakia, Syria. He is one of the best DJs in the Middle East, playing Arabic and English Commercial Music and hits as well as Remixes. It will be his premiere in Australia and he is preparing a special show to accompany this special movie. So, do not miss out!

About the film

Director: Kristina Weiserov√°

Writer: Kristina Weiserov√°

Cast: Eva Kavanov√°, Radovan Kluńćka, Jarom√≠r Nosek, ҆tńõp√°nka Pencov√°, Josef Rarach , Marek DobeŇ°, Veronika Nikita Petrov√° and others