The movie Kidnapping is a very powerful and well-made political thriller, based on a real story that takes us back to mid-nineties in newly-independent Slovakia.

The story begins when the journalist Marta finds in front of her house the bloody head of her brother. At that moment, she had no idea that the crime is only one part of a shattered puzzle, which also reaches the highest state power, representatives. She decides to search for the monstrous circle of terror. Power thirsts, Secret Service practices, and Mafia background lead to the kidnapping of the President’s son and subsequent death of innocent people.

The last day of the first year of Slovak independence is coming to an end. People are celebrating. Only the Prime Minister is quiet as the President had not appointed his Lad for the post of Minister of Privatisation.

Pressure on the resignation of the President from his function reaches its peak when his son is being kidnapped abroad by an organized group consisting of Secret Service and Mafia members.

‘Kidnapping’ is a film, describing events that have left wounds on the Slovak society and have had an impact on lives of ordinary people. Political power at that time had dirty hands and did not hesitate to spill the blood of innocent people. The film is a sad reminder of those past events.


2017, 102 min.
Category: Drama
Rating: 15 +

CINEMA PARADISO | 21 OCT 2017 | 6:30 PM

Mariana Cengel Solcanská was born in Nitra in 1978. She studied at the Charles University in Prague, and at the Constantine Philosopher University in Nitra, earning a degree in Political Science and Cultural Studies. Later, Mariana studied at the Film and Television Faculty at The Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, in Bratislava. She has directed several short student movies, including Silence, Mr. Levicky’s Letter, Simije, Monstrance, and others. Her most recent mid-length movie Abels Black Dog, which was co-produced with the Czech TV, was premiered at the Bratislava International Film Festival in 2006.

About the film

Director: Mariana Čengelová-Solčanská

Writer: Mariana Čengelová-Solčanská

Cast: Rebeka Poláková, Milan Mikulčík,David Hartl, Vladislav Plevčí, Ján Greššo, Juraj Hrčka, Maroš Kramár, Ady Hajdu, Milan Ondrík, Dano Heriban, Ingrid Timková, Tomáš Hanák, Boris Farkaš, Peter Oszlik and others.

Extras – Minister of Culture of Slovak Republic, Marek Mad’aric: “I have asked myself how will people, who did not live in that period or lived abroad, react to it. I, as a person, who lived at the time and took notice of the things that created the base for the movie, have continuously internally confronted myself with this.”

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