An ordinary man with an ordinary job, ordinary family, and ordinary affair experience an unordinary day after he signs the Charter 77. An exceptional film directed by Jiri Strach that won several festival awards for the Best Actor (for Ivan Trojan), Actress (for Zuzana Stivinova) and the Best Television Comedy.

The story takes place in the 1980’s. A few months ago, our main character Richard, a civil servant, signed Charter 77, a petition demanding the Communist government of Czechoslovakia to recognize some basic human rights. Signing the petition was a serious issue and its spreading was considered a political crime by the communist regime. Richard’s act of bravery happened by mistake after a few drinks, rather than out of conviction. Since then, he has been bedeviled by bad luck. Today, however, is the worst. In the afternoon, he has an appointment with the dentist to have his eighths (wisdom teeth) extracted, a dreadful prospect but small matter compared to what was awaiting him before that. A financial statement at work, a colleague eager for marriage who hasn’t grasped that his ‘affair’ was a mere flirt, an ultimatum from Richard’s boss to retract his signature of the Charter and burst stand-pipe at home with an old rusty gun hidden in it.

Czech Republic

2014, 82 min.
Category: Comedy 
Rating: 15 +

BACKLOT STUDIOS | 20 OCT 2017 | 7:00 PM


A debate/after-party with Jiří Strach right after the screening at approximately 8:30 pm at: St Johns Lutheran Church, 16 Aberdeen Street, Perth

About the director

Jirí Strach Picture

Jiří Strach was born on September 29, 1973, in Prague, in former Czechoslovakia. Jiri is a prolific Czech actor, director, and a FAMU graduate, who started starring in movies in his childhood and since then he played dozens of roles. Jiri Strach has played dozens of roles in films of various genres and he runs his production company based on eclectic genres, such as video clips, documentaries, family films, dramas and TV series.
However, he was always more a director than an actor. He was working in the Czech Television for couple years but it was a Christmas fairy tale ‘Angel of the Lord’ (the all the time favorite fairy tale) that brought
him into a spotlight in 2005. Angel of the Lord became the most viewed TV film for 2006.Other well-known films are for example:
– ‘Eights’ – describing a story of an ordinary man that has an unordinary day after he accidentally signs the Charter 77. A thrilling film that won the Best European TV Drama at PIX Europa 2014 in Berlin.- ‘Santini’s Enigma – a mysterious thriller, set amongst visually compelling and beautiful Czech towns and picturesque nature.- ‘Angel of the Lord 2’ that became even more popular than the original piece and was rewarded as the most viewed film in Czech cinemas for 2016.

– Operation Silver A is a drama from the 2nd world war. It is a story about love, bravery, and personal failings. The relationships between main characters – three parachutists, two women and their families and close friends – are equally as complicated and tense as the political situation in The Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia.

The Czech and Slovak Film Festival will be graced by the presence of the film-maker himself on Friday the 20th October and after the screening of the Angel of the Lord 2. We are happy to announce that we are planning to organize a debate/after-party with Jiri Strach, so there will be a space dedicated to your curious questions.
It starts right after the screening of Angel of the Lord2 / Eights at approx 8:30 pm at St Johns Lutheran Church Center, 16 Aberdeen Street, Perth. The informal meeting will be held in a cozy atmosphere over a glass of something good and you will be able to ask the film-maker even the craziest questions you can think of.

About the film

Director: Jiří Strach

Cast: Ivan Trojan, Zuzana Stivínová, Gregor Bauer, Josef Dvořák, Jiří Dvořák, Zuzana Kajnarová, and others