ANGEL OF THE LORD 2 / Anděl Páně 2


One of the most popular Czech ‘Christmas fairytale’ comedies for the whole family that won several festival awards at the Czech Lion Awards.

The sequel to the fairy tale Angel of the Lord, which is one of the favorite Chrismas fairy tales of all times, tells a story about the angel Petronel who works at Heaven’s Door but is convinced that he deserves a better job. His eternal tempter, the devil Uriah, starts to provoke him. Uriah convinces Petronel to pick an Apple from the Tree of Knowledge so that he will know what only God knows and the way to well-deserved appreciation will be free. Petronel and Uriah then proceed to argue about the Apple and the result is catastrophic. The precious fruit falls all the way down to the Earth.

The confused angel and his friend, the devil-tempter, have to quickly enter the human world, find the Apple of Knowledge and bring it back. The night before Saint Nicolas’s Day they become tangled up in a peculiar whirl. The duo searches for the Apple to return it to where it belongs and unfolds into an often hilarious adventure whilst enduring dangerous and unpredictable setups.

After a row of both human and divine trials, our heroes discover that the true route to knowledge lies in knowing one’s own self, in discovering the power of friendship, love and the will to forgive.

Czech Republic, Slovakia

2016, 99 min.
Category: Fantasy – Family 
Rating: No age restriction

CINEMA PARADISO | 20 OCT 2017 | 6:30 PM

A debate/after-party with Jiří Strach right after the screening at approximately 8:30 pm at: St Johns Lutheran Church, 16 Aberdeen Street, Perth

About the director

Jirí Strach Picture

Jiří Strach was born on September 29, 1973, in Prague, in former Czechoslovakia. Jiri is a prolific Czech actor, director, and a FAMU graduate, who started starring in movies in his childhood and since then he played dozens of roles. Jiri Strach has played dozens of roles in films of various genres and he runs his production company based on eclectic genres, such as video clips, documentaries, family films, dramas and TV series.
However, he was always more a director than an actor. He was working in the Czech Television for couple years but it was a Christmas fairy tale ‘Angel of the Lord’ (the all the time favorite fairy tale) that brought him into a spotlight in 2005. Angel of the Lord became the most viewed TV film for 2006.Other well-known films are for example:
– ‘Eights’ – describing a story of an ordinary man that has an unordinary day after he accidentally signs the Charter 77. A thrilling film that won the Best European TV Drama at PIX Europa 2014 in Berlin.- ‘Santini’s Enigma – a mysterious thriller, set amongst visually compelling and beautiful Czech towns and picturesque nature.- ‘Angel of the Lord 2’ that became even more popular than the original piece and was rewarded as the most viewed film in Czech cinemas for 2016.

– Operation Silver A is a drama from the 2nd world war. It is a story about love, bravery, and personal failings. The relationships between main characters – three parachutists, two women and their families and close friends – are equally as complicated and tense as the political situation in The Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia.

We are happy to announce that there will be a debate/after-party with Jiří Strach right after the screening of Angel of the Lord 2 / Eights at approximately 8:30 pm at: St Johns Lutheran Church, 16 Aberdeen Street, Perth.
Come along and enjoy Jiří Strach’s entertaining film-making stories in a cozy atmosphere. It also gives you the opportunity to ask curious questions about the film-making industry over a glass of wine or Czech beer.

About the film

Director: Jiří Strach

Writer: Jiří Strach, Marek Epstein

Cast: Ivan Trojan, Jiří Dvořák, Vica Kerekes, Anna Čtvrtníčková, Jiří Bartoška, Bolek Polívka, Vojtěch Dyk, Stanislav Majer, Pavel Liška, Marek Taclík, Viktor Antonio, Marián Labuda st., Jiřina Bohdalová, Josef Abrhám, Veronika Žilková, Lucie Bílá and others