Czech and Slovak

Film Festival

WA 2015

AND IT IS DONE! First ever Czech and Slovak film festival in Western Australia was succesfully introduced  and it proved its´ rightful place in already very colourful Perth film scene.

Four days, five feature films and five extra short movies pleased most of the audience. Visitors could choose from a wide range of genres and also taste some Czech and Slovak goodies at the Gala opening and the closing night. To feed the souls as well ( not just the stomachs) there were some beautiful promotional materials available from both countries as well as live jam music at the closing night.

To choose the best film of the festival would be very hard. Each and every movie had something to offer – Fair play brought a trip down the memory lane and a strong story for contemplating; The Photographer entertained, pleased but also outraged; Three Brothers dazzled with breathtaking nature and old traditional crafts; Seven Ravens–  retold beautifully a classic fairytale; documentary 38 portraited an ice-hockey icon and managed to create an atmosphere of anticipation and joy of every goal, contrasted with the sadness of the tragic event.

The audience had a chance to enter a competition to win one of the three prizes. The main prize was a stay in a  four star hotel donated by Karlovy Vary – a famous Czech spa town. Thanks to those who filled in the questionaires we were able to get some statistics and ideas for future improvements.The night with the highest attendance was the opening night with the movie Fair Play. The movie most attended by the non- Czech or Slovak speakers was Seven Ravens. None of the movies were marked  as  “poor“ and  99% were voted as ”excellent”.

The preparations for the festival took  several months and it would not happen without help of supporters and volunteers. The first thank you goes to the team at Iksima Films Sydney  who co-produced the festival based on their experience from the previous year. They helped  with the film choices, with obtaining the rights for screening and with organizing the prizes. They  shared their know-how and were a  great moral support.

Thanks for finacial support goes to the following institutions: Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Czech Ministry of Culture and Slovak Audio-vizual Fund. Big thanks also to local sponsors who supported the festival with financial gifts or their products: City of Perth, Last Drop Brewery, Simka Small, Good Prague Bakery, Maven Coolers, Marrtin Udall and Associates, Come in- Study Abroad, Millner International College of English, Restaurant Amuse, Sorento restaurant.

Festival was oficially opened by guests from Czech and Slovak Honorary Consulate in Perth and Ice de Ditrich from Iksima Films Sydney. The preparations and  smooth running of the festival were managed by the members of the festival comitee from the Czech and Slovak Association in WA with a lot of effort, great cooperation and enthusiasm.

Thanks also to the audience who attended the festival and supported the efforts. The interest of the audience was encouraging and the organisers are excited to present new Czech and Slovak movies again next year.


AHOJ to Czech and Slovak Film Festival!


Movies 2015

Fair Play

Fair Play / Fair Play | Drama

Opening night

Czechoslovakia, 1980. Anna, a young and talented sprinter is selected for the national team and starts training to qualify for the Olympic Games. As a part of the preparation she is places into a secret medical programme where the authorities begin doping her with anabolic steroids.

Seven Ravens

7 Ravens / 7 zhavranelých bratov | Fantasy - Family

Closing night

A fairy tale inspired by a famous Slovak folk story. Tale of a young girl taking on a difficult task - to save her brothers and remove the curse that her mother cast on them.


Phrotographer / Fotograf | Comedy – Drama

A fascinating portrait of the well-known Czech photographer Jan Saudek's life, masterly played out by Karel Roden.

Three Brothers

Three Brothers / 3 bratři | Family

Witty take on three much loved fairy tales is a breath of fresh air that makes viewing The Three Brothers and enjoyable experience for children and adults alike.

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